About Womenwarriors

I am writing women warriors of the past back into history to recreate balance in the world.

My intention is to create a universe based on the stories of women warriors from the past, through research and profiling.

Learning about women warriors of the past gave me strength to get through one of the most traumatic events of my life. Now I will share their stories to inspire a change in the collective consciousness, to change the mindset of she/they/them/her on how they view themselves and their potential.

Women warriors, changing the narrative on inclusivity. Let’s raise the collective consciousness

Tina Robinson / Owner.

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Discovering Women Warriors

The Amazons, feared and gruesome women who killed their male babies, lived without men and cut off their breast… But did they exist? Is that how all women warriors behaved? How many have there actually been throughout time?

This is an action-packed, visual history exploration. This lecture introduces some of the many women warriors who have existed and the myths that have sprung from these strong and colorful women. What is the impact of knowing? 

 I use the subject of warrior women as a way to examine such issues as social norms, roles of the sexes and equality.   

This lecture can be customized depending on the venue and the focus (women in business, roles of the sexes, what makes a good leader, equality, school feature week, historical aspects, etc.). It can be a lecture with powerpoint and talk with or without live action scenes that demonstrate fighting styles. The length of the lecture can be from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on whether a demonstration and/or a question and answer session/talk is included. 

Women Warriors podcast

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